More than 50% of Americans Consume Plant Based Meals

Plant based product demand seems to be growing by the day.

At the moment, plant-based food products have entered the mainstream and are included on shopping lists of many consumers across North America. The sales of plant-based meats in North America, a food category that did not exist a decade ago, grew to almost US $800 million in 2019, up 37 per cent from 2017. According to research firm Euromonitor International, plant-based meats sales could reach over US $2.5 billion by 2023.

In addition, according to Sprouts Farmers Market Inc.’s latest survey, conducted by One Poll, “one in every two Americans consumes more plant-based meals than meat, with more than half (54%) of respondents ages 24 to 39 identifying as flexitarians.  A survey of 2,000 Americans looked into the new year eating habits and aims people have when it comes to eating healthy. Results found 47% of Americans describe themselves as flexitarians, with the dietary lifestyle proving more popular in younger crowds.  This shift towards more plant-based foods and meat alternatives isn’t just a trend, either. Forty-three percent of people believe being a flexitarian is a permanent lifestyle change, with more than half (58%) feeling like all their nutritional needs can be met with plant-based foods.”