Drones Could be a Hot Opportunity in 2021

We could see far more drones flying overhead.  Amazon and Walmart are reportedly using them to drop off product.  In fact, Walmart is delivering groceries, household items, and even pandemic test kits. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) even cleared Amazon to make deliveries using drones. Now, even Pizza Hut wants to deliver your pie in the sky with drones.

“Pizza Hut Israel is trying a new approach to make pie deliveries by drone a reality at last, but it means customers won’t get the thrill of accepting their orders from futuristic flying machines themselves,” reported The Wall Street Journal.

In short, drone technology is gaining traction, as a potential way for companies, even hospitals to make quicker deliveries.  After all, there’s a growing need – especially with the pandemic limiting in-person contact.  Plus, there’s a need for faster delivery systems worldwide with some folks demanding same day delivery and even next-hour services.  “Drones now are at a place where I think that technology represents a huge opportunity,” says Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice president of consumer products, as quoted by CNBC.